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Why I’m Bullish on Fort Worth

Robert Allen

By Robert Allen, President & CEO

Why I’m bullish about Fort Worth might be obvious to some, but others might not appreciate why—yet. Fort Worth offers an unparalleled recipe of a strong business climate, developable land, highly educated talent, strong growth rates, and a genuine cultural heritage.

Fort Worth has the right foundational assets to support new and existing businesses.

Fort Worth is the 12th largest city in the U.S. and ranks among the nation’s fastest-growing areas. More than 960,000 people reside within the city limits—exceeding Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle. A growing population, combined with a higher education network of more than 300,000 students enrolled and nearly 56,000 annual graduates in Dallas-Fort Worth, provides a strong talent pipeline for employers to recruit the talent they need.

The business case for Fort Worth is strengthened by Texas’ low-cost, business-friendly environment. After all, Texas has ranked the #1 Best State for Doing Business by CEO Magazine for nearly 20 consecutive years because of its business-friendly policies, growing cities, and a rising professional class. We’re centrally located in the U.S. at the intersection of DFW International Airport, major highways, and railways that connect local businesses and people to worldwide markets. And the Fort Worth area boasts more developable land than any other major metro—so yes, we have room for you.

Fort Worth’s business case is enhanced by its vibrant spirit and authentic community.

Fort Worth is a place you want to live, not just work. In a world of wannabees, Fort Worth is authentic. The people who live and work in Fort Worth are proud of its community and character. When the opportunity to move to Fort Worth arose, my family and I jumped at the chance.

We were drawn to the well-established, dynamic, and contagious spirit of Fort Worth. It’s a city that manages to balance tradition with innovation, history with new horizons. For example, Fort Worth is home to the longest-running PGA golf tournament, but it is governed by the youngest mayor of the top 25 largest U.S. cities. Fort Worth is renowned for its livestock legacy but also hosts the only painting by Michaelangelo in the Western hemisphere. Fort Worth is home to almost one million people, but it’s the kind of place where neighbors know one another. It’s just the kind of place where you want to build a life.

The horizon of Fort Worth is bright, and we’re primed for transformative development.

Fort Worth’s brilliance has largely been a hidden gem, but recent headlines in everything from the Wall Street Journal to Vogue have touted Fort Worth’s booming real estate market, cultural finesse, and new status as the coolest city in Texas. And people have taken note—a population roughly the size of Burbank, California is added to Fort Worth every five years.

Fort Worth is at a strategic point in its history. Sometime in the next year or so, Fort Worth will join a list of only nine U.S. cities with more than 1 million people. We must steward our growth and resources to maintain this place that we love. The legacy of Fort Worth is not defined—there’s endless opportunity for transformative development. Now is the time to capitalize on our critical mass to chart a definitive, vibrant future for Fort Worth. I’m bullish about Fort Worth, and I’m confident that you will be, too.

Robert Allen is the President and CEO of the Fort Worth Economic Development Partnership. The Fort Worth EDP works directly with companies, site selection consultants, and corporate real estate professionals who are interested in moving or expanding to Fort Worth, Tarrant County, and the surrounding areas. We work with our local and state partners to cultivate a supportive environment where businesses can thrive from the start. If you’d like to learn more about Fort Worth, please schedule a meeting with us or check out our Why Fort Worth page.

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